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Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Meta

Q&A about the site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

  Posts.Id as [Post Link],
  Posts.Score as [Score],
  Posts.CommentCount as [Comments],
  Posts.CreationDate as [Asked],
  Comments.CreationDate as [Commented],
  Comments.Score as [Upvotes],
  Comments.Text as [Comment]
from Comments
  join Posts on Posts.Id = Comments.PostId
where Comments.UserId = ##UserId##
  and Posts.PostTypeId = 1
  and Posts.CreationDate < DateAdd(Day, -365, GetUTCDate())
  and Posts.Score < 1
  and (Posts.Score < 0 or Posts.OwnerUserId is null)
  and Posts.AnswerCount = 0
  -- TODO: add check for "is not locked" here
  and Posts.ViewCount <= 1.5 * DateDiff(Day, Posts.CreationDate, GetUTCDate())
  and Posts.CommentCount > 1
order by Posts.Id, Comments.Id

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