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Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Meta

Q&A about the site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

'site://admin/show-user-votes/' + CAST(id AS nvarchar) +
    '|' + DisplayName [Votes],
Reputation Rep,
CreationDate Created,
case when WebsiteUrl is null or len(WebsiteUrl) = 0 then ''
else len(WebsiteUrl) end UrlLen,
-- number of real chars in AboutMe
case when AboutMe is null or len(AboutMe) = 0 then ''
else len(replace(replace(replace(AboutMe, '<p>', ''), '</p>', ''), ' ', '')) end AboutLen,
UpVotes Up,
DownVotes Down,
case when ProfileImageUrl is null or len(ProfileImageUrl) = 0 then ''
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'i.stack'
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'gravatar'
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'facebook'
else ProfileImageUrl end ImgSrc,
from users
where reputation between 15 and 100
-- get users created in the last (default 2) weeks
and creationDate > dateadd(day, (-7 * ##weeks:int?2##) - datepart(weekday, getdate()), getdate())
and upvotes > (##weeks## * 5)
order by upvotes/reputation desc, reputation desc, creationdate desc;

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