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Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Meta

Q&A about the site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

'site://admin/show-user-votes/' + CAST(id AS nvarchar) +
    '|' + DisplayName [User],
Reputation Rep,
CreationDate Created,
case when WebsiteUrl is null or len(WebsiteUrl) = 0 then ''
else len(WebsiteUrl) end Url,
-- number of real chars in AboutMe
case when AboutMe is null or len(AboutMe) = 0 then ''
else len(replace(replace(replace(AboutMe, '<p>', ''), '</p>', ''), ' ', '')) end Bio,
UpVotes Up,
DownVotes Down,
case when ProfileImageUrl is null or len(ProfileImageUrl) = 0 then ''
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'i.stack'
when ProfileImageUrl like '%googleusercontent%' then 'google user'
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'gravatar'
when ProfileImageUrl like '' then 'facebook'
else ProfileImageUrl end Img,
from users
where reputation between 15 and 150
-- get users created in the last (default 2) weeks
and creationDate > dateadd(day, (-7 * ##weeks:int?2##) - datepart(weekday, getdate()), getdate())
and upvotes > (##weeks## * 9)
order by upvotes/reputation desc, reputation desc, creationdate desc;

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