SELECT q.CreationDate as question_date, a.CreationDate as...


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SELECT q.CreationDate as question_date, a.CreationDate as answer_date, 
vaa.CreationDate as acceptance_date, q.Id as question_id, q.score as q_score,
a.score as answer_score, q.ownerUserId as user_id
FROM Posts q
INNER JOIN Posts aa on q.AcceptedAnswerId = aa.Id
INNER JOIN Votes vaa on vaa.PostId = aa.Id
INNER JOIN Posts a on a.ParentId=q.Id
WHERE vaa.VoteTypeId = 1
AND q.score > 30
GROUP BY q.Score, a.Score, a.CreationDate, q.CreationDate, vaa.CreationDate, q.Id, q.OwneruserId, q.AcceptedAnswerId

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