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Returns a list of all questions posted with exclusively the given tag, that is, posts tagged with the given tag and no others.

Philosophy Meta

Q&A about the site for those interested in the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence

DECLARE @TagId int = (
FROM Tags t
WHERE t.TagName = ##TagName:string##

  CONCAT('site://q/', pt.PostId, '|', p.Title) AS [Post Link],
FROM PostTags pt
JOIN Posts p ON p.Id = pt.PostId
LEFT JOIN PostTags otherTags ON otherTags.PostId = pt.PostId
WHERE pt.TagId = @TagId
GROUP BY pt.PostId, p.Title, p.CreationDate
HAVING COUNT(otherTags.PostId) = 1
ORDER BY p.CreationDate DESC

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