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Philosophy Meta

Q&A about the site for those interested in the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence

--TF' upvotes
--A bit more unbiased insight than reputation

Create Table #postInfo (
  [PostId] int  null,
  [postOwnerUserId] int  null,
  [postTypeId] int  null,
  [postScore] int null,
  [postViewCount] int null,
  [postAnswerCount] int null,
  [postCommentCount] int null,
  [postFavoriteCount] int null,


Insert Into #postInfo

select Posts.Id as [PostId],
Posts.OwnerUserId as [postOwnerUserId],
Posts.postTypeId as [postTypeId],
Posts.Score as [postScore],
Posts.ViewCount as [postViewCount],
Posts.AnswerCount as [postAnswerCount],
Posts.CommentCount as [postCommentCount],
Posts.FavoriteCount as [postFavoriteCount]

from Posts
-- inner join Users on Users.Id=Posts.OwnerUserId
      (posts.Tags LIKE '%tensorflow%') 
    --posts.OwnerUserId = 11530462
--group by 
order by postScore desc


select count(postId), count(distinct(postOwnerUserId)), sum(postScore), sum(postViewCount), sum(postAnswerCount), sum(postFavoriteCount), sum(postCommentCount)

from  #postInfo

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