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--Select MONTH(CreationDate) MONTH, Count(CreationDate) count_records from Users where YEAR (CreationDate) >= '2010' GROUP BY MONTH (CreationDate) q2
--select count(*) users from users Q1
--select * from users where location = 'South Africa' order by reputation desc
--select * from badges where UserId =144424 and name = 'Enlightened' and date >='2016-01-01' and date <= '2016-12-31'
--select * from Posts where PostTypeId =1 and ownerUserId =6282 
--select * from users where displayname='Adriaan Stander'
--select top (2) * from users where id=6282
SELECT u.Id,u.DisplayName,b.Name,b.Date 
Users u 
Badges b ON 
u.ID = b.UserId
b.UserId =144424 AND b.Name = 'Enlightened'
AND B.Date BETWEEN '2016-01-01' AND '2016-12-31'

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