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SELECT myUser.Id AS [User Link], myUser.Tenure, count(myAnswer.id) AS [Ans_before]
    DATEDIFF(day,Users.CreationDate, GETDATE()) as [Tenure]
    FROM Users
    inner join Posts p on p.owneruserid = Users.Id
    inner join Votes v on p.Id = v.postid
    WHERE (p.PostTypeId =2 AND v.votetypeid =2 AND ((AboutMe LIKE '%buymeacoffee%') OR (AboutMe LIKE '%ko-fi%')) 
    AND reputation > 10)) AS myUser
  left join (SELECT p.Id, p.PostTypeId, p.CreationDate, p.OwnerUserId
    FROM Posts as p
    WHERE p.CreationDate BETWEEN DATEADD(week,-2,'##Date1?2021-10-01##') AND '##Date1?2021-10-01##'
    AND p.PostTypeId =2
    ) AS myAnswer
    on myUser.Id = myAnswer.OwnerUserId
    GROUP BY myUser.Id, myUser.Tenure
    ORDER BY myUser.Id

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