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Poker Meta

Q&A about the site for serious players and enthusiasts of poker

SELECT datepart(year,posts.CreationDate) as 'Year', datepart(month,posts.CreationDate) as 'Month', datepart(day,posts.CreationDate)as 'Day' , tags.TagName , COUNT(*) as 'Total' FROM 
PostTags as pt
  JOIN POSTS as posts ON pt.PostId = posts.Id
  JOIN Tags as tags ON pt.TagId = tags.Id
  WHERE tags.TagName in ('angularjs', 'polymer','dart-polymer')
GROUP BY datepart(year,posts.CreationDate), datepart(month,posts.CreationDate), 
datepart(day,posts.CreationDate), tags.TagName
ORDER BY datepart(year,posts.CreationDate) DESC, datepart(month,posts.CreationDate) DESC, datepart(day,posts.CreationDate) DESC

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