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List of all questions that were closed after you voted on them, in chronological order. Doesn't list flags, deleted questions, or questions that are still pending (or rather, were when the data dump occurred).

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SELECT PostId       AS [Post Link],
       CASE Comment
         WHEN '1'  THEN 'exact duplicate'
         WHEN '2'  THEN 'off topic'
         WHEN '3'  THEN 'not constructive'
         WHEN '4'  THEN 'not a real question'
         WHEN '7'  THEN 'too localized'
         WHEN '10' THEN 'general reference'
         WHEN '20' THEN 'noise'
         ELSE Comment
       END          AS Reason,
       CreationDate AS Date
FROM   PostHistory
WHERE  PostHistoryTypeId = 10
       AND Text LIKE '%{"Id":##UserId:int##,%'

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