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-- My edit history
-- Shows edits to posts I did not originally create

    WHEN (P.PostTypeId = 1) THEN P.Title 
    ELSE (SELECT TOP 1 Title FROM Posts WHERE Posts.Id = P.ParentId)
  END AS [Question Title], 
    WHEN (P.PostTypeId = 1) THEN 'Question' 
    ELSE 'Answer' 
  END AS [Edit To], 
  PHT.Name + CASE WHEN P.PostTypeId = 1 THEN ' of question' ELSE ' of answer' END AS [Edit Type],
  PH.CreationDate AS [Edit Date],
  'site://questions/' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, P.Id)+'|Post #' + CONVERT(VARCHAR, P.Id) AS [Link]
FROM PostHistory AS PH, Posts AS P, PostHistoryTypes AS PHT
  (P.Id = PH.PostId AND PH.PostHistoryTypeId = PHT.Id) -- joins
  AND PH.UserId = ##UserId## AND P.OwnerUserId <> ##UserId##
ORDER BY PH.CreationDate ASC

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