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Reverse Engineering Meta

Q&A about the site for researchers and developers who explore the principles of a system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation

declare @EndDate datetime = (select case
  -- If we request 'today', actually use the date
  -- of the most recent transfer to this database,
  -- which may be as much as a week in the past.
  when lower(##EndDate:string?today##) = 'today' then max(CreationDate)
  -- Otherwise, specify the most recent date to include.
  else ##EndDate##
  from Posts
declare @StartDate datetime = dateadd(day, -1*##DaysBack?30##, @EndDate);

SELECT Posts.OwnerUserId [User Link], ParentId [Post Link]
FROM Posts
WHERE Posts.CreationDate between @StartDate and @EndDate
GROUP BY Posts.ParentId, Posts.OwnerUserId
HAVING COUNT(Posts.ParentId) > 1

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