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Reverse Engineering Meta

Q&A about the site for researchers and developers who explore the principles of a system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation

---since the table ReviewTasks contains only date, we don't get any information about hours/minutes
---1 = Suggested Edit
---2 = Close Votes
---3 = Low Quality Posts
---4 = First Post
---5 = Late Answer
---6 = Reopen Vote
;with new_cte AS (SELECT 
  CreationDate AS NDate,
  COUNT(Id) AS NCount
FROM ReviewTasks
WHERE (ReviewTaskTypeId=##type?2##)
GROUP BY CreationDate),
done_cte AS (SELECT
  DeletionDate AS DDate,
  COUNT(Id) AS DCount
FROM ReviewTasks
WHERE (ReviewTaskTypeId=##type##)
GROUP BY DeletionDate)

  n.NCount AS [New review tasks],
  d.DCount AS [Finished review tasks]
FROM new_cte n INNER JOIN done_cte d ON n.NDate=d.DDate
WHERE (n.NDate >= '##Date1?2020-01-01##') AND (n.NDate <= '##Date2?2021-01-01##')

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