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Reverse Engineering Meta

Q&A about the site for researchers and developers who explore the principles of a system through analysis of its structure, function, and operation

select c.PostId, c.Score, c.Text, c.CreationDate
from (
  select OwnerUserId, MIN(CreationDate) as firstdate
  from Posts
  where convert(date, CreationDate) <= convert(date, '2018-09-18')
  group by OwnerUserID ) as latest
  inner join Posts as p on p.OwnerUserId = latest.OwnerUserId and p.CreationDate = latest.firstdate
  inner join Comments as c on c.PostId = p.Id
  convert(date, p.CreationDate) >= convert(date, ##Start:string##)
  AND convert(date, p.CreationDate) <= convert(date, ##End:string##)
  AND p.PostTypeId = 2

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