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(only users with at least 10 Popular Questions)

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-- Users by Popular Question ratio
-- (only users with at least 10 Popular Questions)

select top 100
  Users.Id as [User Link],
  BadgeCount as [Popular Questions],
  QuestionCount as [Total Questions],
  CONVERT(float, BadgeCount)/QuestionCount as [Ratio]
from Users
inner join (
  -- Popular Question badges for each user
    count(Id) as BadgeCount
  from Badges
  where Name = 'Popular Question'
  group by UserId
) as Pop on Users.Id = Pop.UserId
inner join (
  -- Questions by each user
    count(Id) as QuestionCount
  from posts
  where PostTypeId = 1
  group by OwnerUserId
) as Q on Users.Id = Q.OwnerUserId
where BadgeCount >= 10
order by [Ratio] desc;

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