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Robotics Meta

Q&A about the site for professional robotic engineers, hobbyists, researchers and students

  p.Id AS [Post Link],
  (CASE WHEN p.PostTypeId = 1 THEN 'Q' ELSE 'A' END) AS Type,
  LEN(p.Body) AS HtmlSize,
  LEN(ph.Text) AS MarkdownSize,
  -- p.LastEditDate,
  ph.CreationDate AS LatestRevisionDate
FROM Posts p
  INNER JOIN PostHistory ph
    ON ph.PostId = p.Id
  LEFT OUTER JOIN PostHistory phb
    ON phb.PostId = ph.PostId AND ph.CreationDate < phb.CreationDate
WHERE LEN(ph.Text) > 30000
  AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (2, 5, 8)
  AND phb.CreationDate IS NULL
  AND p.PostTypeId IN (1, 2)
ORDER BY MarkdownSize DESC

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