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Run query at the end of the month to check unanswered Flutter questions. Update Questions.CreationDate

Science Fiction and Fantasy Meta

Q&A about the site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

select Questions.Id, Questions.CreationDate, Questions.LastActivityDate, Questions.ViewCount,
--Questions.Title, Questions.Body,Questions.Score, Questions.FavoriteCount,
Questions.Title, Questions.Score, Questions.FavoriteCount,
Questions.Tags, Questions.AnswerCount, Questions.CommentCount,
Users.Id,Users.DisplayName, Users.Reputation
FROM Posts as Questions 
    INNER JOIN PostTags 
    ON PostTags.PostId = Questions.Id
    on Tags.Id = PostTags.TagId
    INNER JOIN Users
    on Questions.OwnerUserId = Users.Id

Where Tags.TagName='flutter' and
Questions.CreationDate >='05/01/2017' and 
Questions.CreationDate <'05/11/2021'and
Questions.PostTypeId=1 and
questions.score >=0 and
Questions.AnswerCount = 0 and
Questions.ClosedDate IS NULL
ORDER by Questions.ViewCount DESC 
--questions.score >=0

/*select * from CloseReasonTypes;*/

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