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Science Fiction and Fantasy Meta

Q&A about the site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

select distinct top 100  p.Id as antwort_id, p.Id as [Post Link], p.Body, q.Body as Question, p.Score,
p.CreationDate, q.ClosedDate, p.CommunityOwnedDate
from Posts as p inner join Posts as q on p.parentId = q.Id -- only answers
and p.CreationDate < DATEADD(month, -3, GETDATE()) -- at least 3 month old
and p.LastEditDate < DATEADD(week, -1, GETDATE()) -- at least 1 month untouched
and LEN(p.Body) > 450 -- more than 450 chars used (TODO: striptags)
and q.ClosedDate IS NULL and p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL -- not closed, not community wiki
and p.Id IS NOT NULL

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