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IT Security Meta

Q&A about the site for information security professionals

declare @UserId integer = ##UserId##;

Top40Tag as (
select top 40 
       , count(1) tagPostCount 
       , row_number() over (order by count(1) desc) tagRank
  from PostTags pt 
 group by tagid 
 order by count(1) desc
UserRecord as (
select   pt.TagId
       , sum(p.score) TagAnswersScore
  from Posts p
       inner join PostTags pt on pt.PostId = p.ParentId
 where p.CommunityOwnedDate is null  -- Not community wiki
   and p.PostTypeID = 2              -- Answers
   and p.OwnerUserID = @UserId    -- By the specified user
 group by pt.TagId
GeneralistTrack as (
select   t.TagName
       , t40.tagPostCount
       , t40.tagRank
       , ur.TagAnswersScore
       , row_number() over (order by ur.TagAnswersScore desc, t40.tagRank) UserScoreRank
  from Top40Tag t40
       inner join Tags t on t.Id = t40.TagId
       left join UserRecord ur on ur.TagId = t40.TagId
select gt.*
       , case
           when TagAnswersScore >= 15 then 'hecho'
           when UserScoreRank <= 20 then 'esfuerzate!'
           else ''
         end TagStatus
  from GeneralistTrack gt
 order by gt.TagAnswersScore desc, tagRank

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