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Meta Server Fault

Q&A about the site for system and network administrators

  QuestionID AS [Post Link], q_.OwnerUserId AS [User Link], q_.Score AS [Q score],
  AnswerID AS [Post Link], a_.OwnerUserId AS [User Link], a_.Score AS [A score]
  (SELECT TOP 1 q.Id
     FROM Posts AS q INNER JOIN PostTags AS qt ON q.Id = qt.PostId
     WHERE qt.TagId = t.Id ORDER BY q.Score DESC) AS QuestionID,
  (SELECT TOP 1 a.Id
     FROM Posts AS a INNER JOIN PostTags AS at ON a.ParentId = at.PostId
     WHERE at.TagId = t.Id ORDER BY a.Score DESC) AS AnswerID
  FROM Tags AS t
  ) AS temp
  INNER JOIN Posts AS q_ ON temp.QuestionId = q_.Id
  LEFT OUTER JOIN Posts AS a_ ON temp.AnswerId = a_.Id

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