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The best time here is when the delay between a question and an accepted
answer is shortest.

On the graph, look for the value on the x-axis that
corresponds to the minimum value on y-axis.
That's the best time as defined above.

As for Dec 2013, the smallest time-to-answer was for questions asked
on Saturday at 1pm GMT. The asker had to wait for only 78 minutes.

- All: Include all users of only one specified by UserId
    Values: 0 - show stats for one user, 1 - for all users
- Frequency: The scale of X-axis
    Values: 1 - hours, 2 - day of week, 3 - both
- MaxTimeDiff: The cut off value for time difference. All time-to-answer
    above this value will be excluded from the statistics.
    Default value: 1440 min (24 hours).
- UserId: Whose stats to include in calculations. Matters only when All = 0.
    Values: Your user ID or someone else's.

DECLARE @Frequency int = ##Frequency:int?3##
DECLARE @MaxTimeDiff int = ##MaxTimeDiff:int?1440##
DECLARE @All int = ##All:int?1##
DECLARE @UsedId int = ##UserId:int##

SELECT q.Id as id, q.Title as title,
  q.ViewCount as views, q.Score as score,
  CAST(DATEDIFF(minute, q.CreationDate, a.CreationDate) AS FLOAT) as td
FROM Posts q tablesample(0.1 percent)
  LEFT OUTER JOIN Posts a ON q.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id
WHERE q.AcceptedAnswerId > 0
  AND q.OwnerUserId = CASE WHEN @All = 1 THEN q.OwnerUserId ELSE @UsedId END

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