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Returns the full ReviewTaskResults table, with a link to the corresponding review page on the site. Note that the site displays the user associated with each review task result, but the table does not.

Meta Stack Exchange

Q&A for meta-discussion of the Stack Exchange family of Q&A websites

    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 1 THEN 'suggested-edits'
    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 2 THEN 'close'
    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 3 THEN 'low-quality-posts'
    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 4 THEN 'first-posts'
    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 5 THEN 'late-answers'
    WHEN ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId = 6 THEN 'reopen' 
    -- 7, 10, 11 left for the reader to implement
    ELSE 'null'
    END ) + '/'
    + CAST(ReviewTaskResults.ReviewTaskId AS varchar)+'|'
    + CAST(ReviewTaskResults.ReviewTaskId AS varchar) AS 'Review Link',
FROM ReviewTaskResults
JOIN ReviewTasks
  ON ReviewTaskResults.ReviewTaskId = ReviewTasks.Id
JOIN ReviewTaskTypes
  ON ReviewTaskTypes.Id = ReviewTasks.ReviewTaskTypeId
ORDER BY ReviewTaskResults.CreationDate DESC

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