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SELECT p1.id      AS "AnsID",
  p1.ParentId     AS "QuestionId",
  p1.Creationdate AS "AnsCreationdate",
  p2.Creationdate AS "QuestionCreationdate",
  DATEDIFF(minute, p2.Creationdate, p1.Creationdate) AS Time_Difference
FROM posts p1
JOIN posts p2
ON p1.ParentId     = p2.Id
WHERE p1.PostTypeId=2
AND p1.parentid   IN
  (SELECT pq.id
  FROM posts pq ,
    users u
  WHERE pq.owneruserid= u.id
  AND pq.PostTypeId   =1
  AND pq.tags in ('javascript','java','c#','php')
  AND pq.CreationDate BETWEEN '2012-03-01 00:00:00' AND '2012-03-05 23:59:59');

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