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More correctly this is the previous calendar month

Windows Phone Meta

Q&A about the site for enthusiasts and power users of Windows Phone OS

select top 100 as [Post Link]
     , q.score as "Q-Score"
     , a.score as "A-Score"
     , q.creationdate
     , q.tags
     , q.answercount
from posts q 
inner join posttags pt 
      on pt.postid =
inner join tags t 
      on = pt.tagid
inner join string_split(##tags:string?delphi,extjs##,',') sel 
      on sel.value = t.tagname
inner join posts a
      on a.ParentId =
1=1 -- simplify predicate editing
and a.PostTypeId = 2 -- Answer
--and q.PostTypeId = 1 -- Question
and q.creationdate between DateAdd(month, -2, GETDATE()) and  DateAdd(month, -1, GETDATE())
and a.score > 1
and q.score > 1
and q.acceptedanswerid is not null
and q.closeddate is null -- not closed
order by q.creationdate desc

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