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  Text AS [Tags], 
  CreationDate, UserId AS [User Link],
  'site://posts/' + CAST(PostId AS varchar)+'/revisions' AS [Revision History],
  CONCAT('site://posts/', PostId, '/revisions#rev-body-',
    LOWER(RevisionGUID), '|Revision') AS Revision
FROM PostHistory
WHERE (PostId=##id?4427454##) AND (PostHistoryTypeId in (3,6,9))
ORDER BY CreationDate

---1 = Initial Title - initial title (questions only)
---2 = Initial Body - initial post raw body text
---3 = Initial Tags - initial list of tags (questions only)
---4 = Edit Title - modified title (questions only)
---5 = Edit Body - modified post body (raw markdown)
---6 = Edit Tags - modified list of tags (questions only)
---7 = Rollback Title - reverted title (questions only)
---8 = Rollback Body - reverted body (raw markdown)
---9 = Rollback Tags - reverted list of tags (questions only)

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