Users with (estimated) reputation at least 1k in the first year


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--estimated reputation from upvotes and downvotes
--does not take into account:
---- 1. daily reputation cap
---- 2. reputation from suggested edits
---- 3. reputation deduced for downvoting
---- 4. offered bounties
---- 5. some posts might have been deleted since then - but still carry reputation

; with rep_cte as
  p.OwnerUserId AS uid,
---  p.OwnerDisplayName AS udn
  SUM(case v.votetypeid
             WHEN 1 THEN 15  -- accept
             WHEN 2 THEN 10  -- upvote
---               CASE p.posttypeid
---                 WHEN 1 THEN 5  -- upvote question
---                 WHEN 2 THEN 10  -- upvote answer
---               END
             WHEN 3 THEN -2  -- downvote
             WHEN 9 THEN BountyAmount -- collected bounty
       END) as Rep  
FROM Posts p INNER JOIN Votes v ON v.PostId=p.Id
  INNER JOIN Users u ON p.OwnerUserId=u.Id
WHERE (DATEDIFF(day, u.CreationDate, v.CreationDate) <= ##n?365##)
---only votes/reputation in the first 365 days
  AND (p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL) --not CW posts
GROUP BY p.OwnerUserId

  ---COUNT(u.Id) AS [Total],
  ---SUM(Case When (r.rep>=##min?1000##) Then 1 Else 0 End) AS [Established]  
  ROUND((CAST(SUM(Case When (r.rep>=##min?1000##) Then 1 Else 0 End) AS decimal))*100.0/(CAST(COUNT(u.Id) AS decimal)),3)  
FROM rep_cte r INNER JOIN Users u ON r.uid=u.Id
GROUP BY Year(u.CreationDate)
ORDER BY Year(u.CreationDate)

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