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select accountid 
into #users
from users
where reputation = 1
and creationdate between '##year##-01-01' and  '##year##-12-31 23:59:59'
AND datediff(hour, Creationdate, Lastaccessdate) < 504
-- and len(aboutme) > 0
and users.accountid not in (7585603)
and not exists(select 1 from posts where owneruserid =
and not exists(select 1 from badges where userid = and name <> 'Autobiographer')
and not exists(select 1 from votes where userid =

create index #idx_users on #users(accountid);

select *
from dbo.sede_users su
inner join #users u on u.accountid = su.account_id
where su.reputation = 1 and question_count = 0 and answer_count = 0

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