String search in Title/Tags/Body with a minimum score of 7 and without code in body


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Search for a string that occurs either in title, tags or body Posts need a minimum score of 7 and should be without code in body

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-- Top Score Question to Given Tags/Keywords without Code Examples --

DECLARE @Tag1 VARCHAR(30) = ##FirstTagOrKeyword:string##;
SET     @Tag1              = '%' + LTRIM(RTRIM(@Tag1)) + '%';
DECLARE @Tag2 VARCHAR(30) = ##SecondTagOrKeyword:string##;
SET     @Tag2              = '%' + LTRIM(RTRIM(@Tag2)) + '%';
DECLARE @MinScore int = ##MinimumScore##

SELECT     Id AS [Post Link], Score, Tags, Body
FROM       Posts q
WHERE      PostTypeId = 1
AND        ((q.Tags LIKE @Tag1 AND q.Tags LIKE @Tag2) 
OR         (q.Title LIKE @Tag1 AND q.Title LIKE @Tag2))
AND        (q.Body NOT LIKE '%code%')
-- Remove line above to allow Questions with Code --
AND        q.Score >= @MinScore


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