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The Workplace Meta

Q&A about the site for members of the workforce navigating the professional setting

'' as [id_article],
'' as [surtitre],
a.title as [titre],
'' as [soustitre],
41 as [id_rubrique],
'' as [descriptif],
'' as [chapo],
a.body + '<br/>'+CHAR(10)+'<p>Anwser</p>' +CHAR(10) + b.body as [texte],
'' as [ps],
GETDATE() as [date],
'prepa' as [statut],
36 as [id_secteur],
GETDATE() as [maj],
'oui' as [export],
GETDATE() as [date_redac],
0 as [visites],
0 as [referers],
0 as [popularite],
'pri' as [accepter_forum],
GETDATE() as [date_modif],
'en' as [lang],
'non' as [langue_choisie],
0 as [id_trad],
'' as [extra],
0 as [id_version],
'' as [nom_site],
'' as [url_site]
from Posts a, Posts b
where a.Tags like '%gcc%'
or a.Tags like '%g++%'
and a.AcceptedAnswerId=b.Id

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