SELECT Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location, Bad...


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Writing Meta

Q&A about the site for the craft of professional writing, including fiction, non-fiction, technical, scholarly, and commercial writing

--select count (Badges.UserId), Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location
--from Badges, Users
--where Badges.UserId=Users.Id
--and Users.Location='Latvia'
--group by count (Badges.UserId)
--having count (Badges.UserId)>100

SELECT Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location, Badges.UserId, COUNT(*)
FROM Users, Badges, Posts
WHERE Users.Id=Badges.UserId AND Users.Id=Posts.OwnerUserId
AND Users.Location='Latvia'
AND Posts.CreationDate LIKE '%2021%'
GROUP BY Users.Id, Users.DisplayName, Users.Location, Badges.UserId
HAVING COUNT(Badges.UserId)>100

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