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Questions where your answer has at least twice the score of the accepted answer which in turn must have a score of 9 or higher


Q&A for community managers, administrators, and moderators

SELECT      Question.Id                                                      AS [Post Link],
            AcceptedAnswer.Score                                             AS [Accepted Score],
            YourAnswer.Score                                                 AS [Your Score],
                DECIMAL( 4, 2 ), 
                CAST( YourAnswer.Score AS FLOAT ) / AcceptedAnswer.Score 
            )                                                                AS [Score Ratio],
            (( AcceptedAnswer.Score * 2 ) - YourAnswer.Score )               AS [Votes Needed]
FROM        Posts Question,
            Posts AcceptedAnswer,
            Posts YourAnswer,
            Users AcceptedUser
WHERE           YourAnswer.OwnerUserId        = ##UserId##
            AND YourAnswer.ParentId           = Question.Id
            AND Question.AcceptedAnswerId     = AcceptedAnswer.Id
            AND AcceptedAnswer.OwnerUserId    = AcceptedUser.Id
            AND AcceptedAnswer.Id            != ##UserId##
            AND AcceptedAnswer.Score          > 10
ORDER BY    [Votes Needed]

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