Tags that lack descriptions/excerpts


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-- Tags that exist only on 1 question get destroyed after 6 months.
-- This query attempts to highlight those since they need attention most urgently.
-- Those tags get put first, with a link to the single question they're used on.

-- REMEMBER: SEDE only gets updated once a week; these results won't be up to date.

  Tags.Count as 'Question count',
  MonthsAlive as 'Months til single-use auto destruct',
  SoloTags.PostId as [Post Link]
from Tags
left join (
    Tags.Id as TagId,
    (6 - DATEDIFF(month, Posts.CreationDate, GETDATE())) as MonthsAlive,
    Posts.Id as PostId
  from PostTags
    inner join Tags
      on PostTags.TagId = Tags.Id
    inner join Posts
      on PostTags.PostId = Posts.Id
  where Tags.Count <= 1
) as SoloTags
  on SoloTags.TagId = Tags.Id
where ExcerptPostId is null
order by
  case when MonthsAlive is null then 99 else MonthsAlive end,
  Tags.Count desc

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