all users annually: year joined compared to years active


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another "user retention" query. This one compares join dates to actual years active (as opposed to number of years on Pivot Query #884564)


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  p.owneruserid as userID,
  year(u.creationdate) as YearJoined,
  year(p.creationdate) as YearPosted,
  count(*) as [#Posts]
into #temp from posts p right outer join users u on p.owneruserid =
where p.owneruserid >0
group by p.owneruserid, year(u.creationdate), year(p.creationdate)

select YearJoined, YearPosted, Count(userID) as [#Users]
from #temp
where userid>0
group by YearJoined, YearPosted
order by YearJoined, YearPosted

select top 100 userID, YearJoined, YearPosted, [#Posts]
from #temp
order by userid, YearJoined, YearPosted

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