#1 TOP COMMENTER per day (for whole sale, last 90 days)


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rep per user per tag per day? without timing out? Determine if you have been "the best at something for a day"


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declare @sedeUpdate date = dateadd(d,-1,( select min(create_date) from sys.tables ))

  rank() over (partition by cast(creationdate as date) order by count(*) desc) as rank,
  rank() over (order by count(*) desc) as rankOverall,
  cast(creationdate as date) as [Date],
  count(*) as [Count]
into #commenters from comments
where userid is not null and creationdate between dateadd(d,-90,@sedeUpdate ) and @sedeUpdate 
group by cast(creationdate as date), userid
order by cast(creationdate as date),count(*) desc

  userid as [User Link],
  format([date], 'yyyy-MM-dd') as [Top commenter on],
  [count] as [#Comments],
from #commenters 
where rank =1
order by [date]

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