Find NAAs older than a given date using Natty Blacklist


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SELECT P.Id AS [Post Link], P.Score
FROM Posts P 
   P.PostTypeId = 2 AND
   P.Score <= 0 AND
   len(P.Body) < 300 AND
   P.CreationDate < '##date##' AND (
   lower(P.Body) like '%sorry for posting this as an answer%' or 
   lower(P.Body) like '%don''t have enough reputation to post a comment%' or 
   lower(P.Body) like '%how did you solve it%' or 
   lower(P.Body) like '%can you share%' or 
   lower(P.Body) like '%do you have any idea%' or 
   lower(P.Body) like '%kindly assist%')
ORDER BY P.Score ASC, P.CreationDate DESC

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