Reputation for old questions/answers


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-- Reputation for old questions/answers
-- See

select count(*), p.PostTypeID, v.VoteTypeID,,
p.ID as postID,
-- '<a href="'+ convert(varchar, p.Id) + '">' + convert(varchar, p.Id) + '</a>' as postID,
 p.CreationDate as pDate, v.CreationDate as vDate,
 Datediff(day, p.CreationDate, v.CreationDate) as ddiff
from votetypes vt join votes v on vt.ID = v.VoteTypeID join posts p on v.PostId = p.Id
where p.OwnerUserId = '##userId##'
  -- and p.CreationDate >  NOW()-200
-- group by v.postid
group by p.PostTypeID, v.VoteTypeID,, p.Id,
         p.CreationDate, v.CreationDate,
         Datediff(day, p.CreationDate, v.CreationDate)
order by v.creationDate

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