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Each duplicate question has up to three other questions as the non-duplicate posts. This query finds the posts that duplicate questions point to. It mostly works, but no guarantees.


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create table #Dupes (Dupe INT, Targets VARCHAR(255))
insert into #Dupes
select top 200 PostId as [Post Link],
    -- Grab text from after the first '[' to the first ',' or ']'
              charindex('[', Text)+1,
              CASE WHEN charindex(']', Text) < charindex(',', Text) THEN
                   charindex(']', Text)
              ELSE charindex(',', Text) END
              - charindex('[', Text) - 1) as FirstDupeTarget
from PostHistory h
where PostHistoryTypeId = 10
and Comment in (1, 101)
order by h.CreationDate desc

select Dupe as [Post Link], cast(Targets as INT) as [First Target Post Link]
from #Dupes

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