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--calculate circle points, gradually decreasing decrease radius  (circle: query #882633)
set nocount on
declare @Radius decimal(28,23) = 1400  
declare @spirals float = 10
declare @numberOfPositions float = 500
declare @radiansPerPosition float = (360/@numberOfPositions)*pi()/180.0 --'radians = degrees × pi / 180°
declare @xStop float, @yStop float
create table #x (x float, y float)
declare @z float, @spiral int=0

while @spiral <= @spirals 
    set @spiral=@spiral+1
    set @z=0
    while @z <= @numberOfPositions - 1
      begin --calculate points
        set @xStop = Cos(@radiansPerPosition * (@z*1.20)) * @Radius
        set @yStop = Sin(@radiansPerPosition * (@z*1.20)) * @Radius
        insert into #x(x,y) values (@xStop,@yStop)  --write to table (double the height)
        set @z=@z+1
        set @radius = 1.0*@radius - ((1.0*@radius/@spirals)/@numberOfPositions)
print @z
select x,' ',y from #x 
union all select 2660.0,'   ',1333.0 --the keep circle away from edge
union all select -2660.0,'     ',-1333.0

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