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-- userid: User Id "The id in the url of your Stack Oveflow user profile"
-- pos: Top position "What is the position you're interested in"
;with top_answerers as (
select a.owneruserid
     , t.tagname 
     , sum(a.score) [tag score]
     , rank() over(partition by t.tagname order by sum(a.score) desc ) as pos
from posts a
inner join posts q on q.id = a.parentid
inner join posttags pt on pt.postid = q.id
inner join tags t on t.id = pt.tagid
where a.posttypeid = 2 -- answer
and q.posttypeid = 1 -- Question
and a.owneruserid is not null 
group by a.owneruserid
       , t.tagname

select tagname
     , pos
     , owneruserid as [User Link]
     , [tag score]
from top_answerers
where  owneruserid = ##userid?7031230##
and pos <= ##pos?10##
order by pos desc

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