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select rtr.creationdate,count(rtr.id) as numReviews from
reviewtaskresults as rtr
join reviewtasks as rt
on rtr.reviewtaskid = rt.id
where rt.reviewtasktypeid = ##reviewType?2##
and rtr.creationdate > ##startDate:string?2017-01-01##
group by rtr.creationdate
order by rtr.creationdate

1	Suggested Edit	Approve, reject, or improve edits suggested by users
2	Close Votes	Review questions with close votes
3	Low Quality Posts	Review automatically detected low-quality posts
4	First Post	Review first posts by new users
5	Late Answer	Review late answers by new users
6	Reopen Vote	Review questions with reopen votes
7	Community Evaluation	Review the quality of questions randomly selected from the site
10	Triage	Help identify the quality of questions
11	Helper	Help improve questions by editing

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