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Find answers that are either accepted or top-voted and that have at least one comment with at least one of the following words: "security", "vulnerability", "race".

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declare @startDate datetime = ##startDate##;
declare @endDate datetime = ##endDate##;

  a.Id as [Post Link],
  c.text as [Reason]
    Posts q
  inner join
    Posts a
  on (a.ParentId = q.Id)
  inner join
    Comments c
  on (c.PostId = a.Id)
where > 20000000 -- (a.CreationDate <= @endDate)
-- and (a.CreationDate >= @startDate)
((a.Id = q.AcceptedAnswerId) or (a.Score = (
            SELECT TOP 1 Score
                FROM Posts otherA
                    otherA.ParentId = q.Id
                ORDER BY Score DESC))
and (Upper(c.text) LIKE Upper('%race%')
or (Upper(c.text) LIKE Upper('%security%'))
or (Upper(c.text) LIKE Upper('%vulnerability%')))

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