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Q&A about the site for music historians, critics, and fans

SELECT year(Posts.CreationDate) AS Year, Count(*) as 'Question Count',
coalesce(count(case when AnswerCount > 0 then 0 end), 0) as 'Answered', 
-- coalesce(count(case when AnswerCount > 0 then 0 end)*100/count(*), 0) as 'Answer Rate', 
coalesce(count(case when ClosedDate is not null then 1 end), 0) as 'Closed'
-- coalesce(count(case when ClosedDate != 0 then 1 end)*100/count(*), 0) as 'Closure Rate' 
JOIN PostTags on Tags.Id = PostTags.TagId 
JOIN Posts on Posts.Id = PostId
JOIN Votes v on Posts.Id = v.PostId
WHERE v.PostId is null 
AND Posts.PostTypeId = 1 
AND TagName = ##SelectedTag:string?google-sheets##
AND year(Posts.CreationDate) >= 2010
AND year(Posts.CreationDate) < year(GETDATE())
GROUP BY TagName, year(Posts.CreationDate)
ORDER BY year(Posts.CreationDate) ASC, Count(*) DESC

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