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Music Fans Meta

Q&A about the site for music historians, critics, and fans

SELECT TOP (10) u.DisplayName, q.NumPosts, q.AvgScore
FROM Users AS u
  SELECT NumPosts = COUNT(*), 
         AvgScore = AVG(Score*1.0)
  FROM Posts AS p
  WHERE p.PostTypeId = 2
    AND p.CreationDate >= '20220101'
    AND p.DeletionDate IS NULL
    AND p.OwnerUserId = u.Id
      SELECT 1 FROM PostTags pt 
      WHERE pt.PostId = p.ParentId
      AND pt.TagId = 
        SELECT Id 
          FROM Tags 
          WHERE TagName = N'sql-server'
    GROUP BY p.OwnerUserId
    HAVING COUNT(*) >= 12 -- at least one a month
) AS q
ORDER BY q.NumPosts * q.AvgScore DESC; -- scientific!

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