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Breaks down the current questions in the Close Vote Queue by their tags, ordering by count descending.

Music Fans Meta

Q&A about the site for music historians, critics, and fans

;with QueuedQuestions as (
from Posts p
inner join Votes v on v.PostId = p.Id 
  and v.VoteTypeId = 6 --close vote
      -- close votes expire after 4 days if the question is above 100 views
      -- to make it less complicated, just get the questions with <100 views
      p.ViewCount < 100
where p.PostTypeId = 1 --question
  and p.ClosedDate is null
group by p.Id
having count(p.Id) >= 2 --"fuzzy numbers"
  and count(p.Id) < 5
  count(t.TagName) [question count]
from QueuedQuestions qq
inner join PostTags pt on qq.Id = pt.PostId
inner join Tags t on pt.TagId = t.Id
group by t.TagName
order by [question count] desc

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