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Lists the number of questions with pending close votes by year and month that the first one was cast, along with number of questions with close votes and the avg close votes per question.


Q&A for enthusiasts and scholars of mythology and folklore

with ClosingPosts as (
        Posts.Id as PostId,
        MIN(Votes.CreationDate) as FirstVoteTime,
        Count(Votes.Id) as Votes
    FROM Posts
    LEFT JOIN Votes on Posts.Id=Votes.PostId and VoteTypeId=6
    WHERE PostTypeId=1 and ClosedDate is null and Votes.Id is not null
    GROUP BY Posts.Id

    DATEPART(yyyy, FirstVoteTime) as Year,
    DATEPART(mm, FirstVoteTime) as Month,
    COUNT(*) as Questions,
    CONVERT(NUMERIC(3,2), CAST(SUM(Votes) as float) / COUNT(*)) as AvgCloseVotes
from ClosingPosts
GROUP BY DATEPART(yyyy, FirstVoteTime),DATEPART(mm, FirstVoteTime)
order by Year, Month

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