Help Vampires - Users who amass reputation by asking questions, not posting answers.


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Q&A for enthusiasts and scholars of mythology and folklore

select * from PostTypes;

select top 10 Max( U.Id ) as UserId, Max( U.DisplayName ) as DisplayName,
  Max( U.Reputation ) as Reputation,
  Count( distinct PQ.Id ) as Questions,
  Count( distinct PA.Id ) as Answers
  from Users as U inner join
    Posts as PQ on PQ.OwnerUserId = U.Id inner join
    Posts as PA on PA.OwnerUserId = U.Id
  where U.Reputation >= 10000 and 1 = 0
  group by U.Id
    Count( distinct PQ.Id ) >= 100 and
    Count( distinct PA.Id ) <= 5
    order by Max( U.Reputation ) desc

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