Most common tags with short, long, or missing excerpt or wiki


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Lists the most commonly used tags with empty/missing/short tag wikis (wiki or excerpt). Can also identify tag wikis that are over a specified length. Enter -1 for all parameters to match all tags. Tags that have been synonymized are excluded.

Mythology Meta

Q&A about the site for enthusiasts and scholars of mythology and folklore

-- MaxBodyLength: Max body length
DECLARE @max_body_length INT = ##MaxBodyLength:INT?50##;
-- MaxExcerptLength: Max excerpt length
DECLARE @max_excerpt_length INT = ##MaxExcerptLength:INT?50##;

       ('site://tags/' + TagName + '|' + TagName) AS TagName,
       ExcerptPostId                              AS [Post Link],
       LEN(pe.body)                               AS [Excerpt length],
       WikiPostId                                 AS [Post Link],
       LEN(pw.Body)                               AS [Wiki length]
FROM   Tags t
       LEFT JOIN Posts pe
         ON pe.Id = t.ExcerptPostId
       LEFT JOIN Posts pw
         ON pw.Id = t.WikiPostId
WHERE  ExcerptPostId IS NULL -- no excerpt post
       OR LEN(pe.Body) < @max_excerpt_length  -- excerpt very short
       OR WikiPostId IS NULL -- no wiki
       OR LEN(pw.Body) < @max_body_length  -- wiki very short

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