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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

select p."Id"
,      p."Title"
,      p."Body"
,      p."Tags"
,      p."Score"
,      p."ViewCount"
,      p."AnswerCount"
,      p."CommentCount"
,      p."FavoriteCount"
,      p."PostTypeId"
,      pt."CreationDate"   "AcceptedAnswerDate"
,      pt."Body"           "AcceptedBody"
,      p."AcceptedAnswerId"
,      p."ParentId"
,      p."OwnerUserId"
,      p."OwnerDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditorUserId"
,      p."LastEditorDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditDate"
,      p."LastActivityDate"
,      p."CommunityOwnedDate"
,      p."CreationDate"
,      p."DeletionDate"
,      p."ClosedDate"
,      p."ContentLicense"
from  Posts p
left outer join Posts pt on p."AcceptedAnswerId" = pt."Id"
where p."Id"=6476736
or p."Id"=2820660
or p."Id"=3077866
or p."Id"=18979385
or p."Id"=46659915
or p."Id"=2056602
or p."Id"=432982
or p."Id"=31569496
or p."Id"=1503584
or p."Id"=2081745
or p."Id"=5808928
or p."Id"=57599578
or p."Id"=41640273
or p."Id"=1090521
or p."Id"=869918
or p."Id"=30625110
or p."Id"=1916094
or p."Id"=490627
or p."Id"=60469129
or p."Id"=22457416
or p."Id"=27640
or p."Id"=15123775
or p."Id"=33230118
or p."Id"=62816156
or p."Id"=4680892
or p."Id"=4555634
or p."Id"=48192133
or p."Id"=1483768
or p."Id"=2811748
or p."Id"=6700179
or p."Id"=19432133
or p."Id"=57592523
or p."Id"=58805138
or p."Id"=22350503
or p."Id"=48558481
or p."Id"=69351083
or p."Id"=5026244
or p."Id"=32334624
or p."Id"=18627048
or p."Id"=67089941
or p."Id"=815056
or p."Id"=37819636
or p."Id"=51990671
or p."Id"=2960690
or p."Id"=54506398
or p."Id"=10955462
or p."Id"=15015795
or p."Id"=10520245
or p."Id"=32224339
or p."Id"=3494125
or p."Id"=41829094
or p."Id"=30001575
or p."Id"=523289
or p."Id"=16498612
or p."Id"=67334626
or p."Id"=548405
or p."Id"=37796594
or p."Id"=18398692
or p."Id"=16140838
or p."Id"=23732948
or p."Id"=15534118
or p."Id"=8028526
or p."Id"=900279
or p."Id"=40342261
or p."Id"=38388368
or p."Id"=63380582
or p."Id"=792632
or p."Id"=36201887
or p."Id"=682616
or p."Id"=11370628
or p."Id"=18667029
or p."Id"=54468636
or p."Id"=44755288
or p."Id"=44855583
or p."Id"=6388023
or p."Id"=63099812
or p."Id"=7460952
or p."Id"=53534813
or p."Id"=564545
or p."Id"=40770835
or p."Id"=65788954
or p."Id"=2276840
or p."Id"=49991266
or p."Id"=3337935
or p."Id"=6843247
or p."Id"=24687486
or p."Id"=270537
or p."Id"=43445184
or p."Id"=4740856
or p."Id"=13192567
or p."Id"=13192567
or p."Id"=36408673
or p."Id"=12903913
or p."Id"=52677030
or p."Id"=65399403
or p."Id"=21870004
or p."Id"=51388064
or p."Id"=68494658
or p."Id"=828671
or p."Id"=4317515
or p."Id"=14328574
or p."Id"=14734997
or p."Id"=53265572
or p."Id"=4820741
or p."Id"=6929300
or p."Id"=5796109
or p."Id"=14908867
or p."Id"=50569943
or p."Id"=22896172
or p."Id"=1016707
or p."Id"=251356
or p."Id"=38056150
or p."Id"=24092373
or p."Id"=16540769
or p."Id"=3506867
or p."Id"=3633611
or p."Id"=57531122
or p."Id"=959238
or p."Id"=59526967
or p."Id"=19390351
or p."Id"=11750539
or p."Id"=4076443
or p."Id"=12196599
or p."Id"=65995484
or p."Id"=29319346
or p."Id"=60075533
or p."Id"=19943169
or p."Id"=25077617
or p."Id"=995906
or p."Id"=8189805
or p."Id"=68132245
or p."Id"=54219
or p."Id"=36580765
or p."Id"=24773613
or p."Id"=57188504
or p."Id"=9881417
or p."Id"=24144477
or p."Id"=27338786
or p."Id"=34371045
or p."Id"=42765533
or p."Id"=5593059
or p."Id"=40358296
or p."Id"=14628254
or p."Id"=23209020
or p."Id"=19220203
or p."Id"=6230026
or p."Id"=61451518
or p."Id"=11498446
or p."Id"=167131
or p."Id"=32134299
or p."Id"=67201471
or p."Id"=33711044
or p."Id"=856115
or p."Id"=67307264
or p."Id"=61576095
or p."Id"=5720641
or p."Id"=988744
or p."Id"=8239732
or p."Id"=1403769
or p."Id"=34069059
or p."Id"=34464597
or p."Id"=3208449
or p."Id"=10653919
or p."Id"=53550219
or p."Id"=12020958
or p."Id"=69858653
or p."Id"=34729218
or p."Id"=24131462
or p."Id"=57946175
or p."Id"=653783
or p."Id"=4007378
or p."Id"=3735093
or p."Id"=44368837
or p."Id"=1681820

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