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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

WITH TagInfo AS (
    -- Get the tag information for 'flutter'
    SELECT Id AS TagId, TagName
    FROM Tags
    WHERE TagName = 'jetpack-compose'
Synonyms AS (
    -- Get synonyms for the 'flutter' tag
    SELECT s.SourceTagName AS Synonym, t.TagName
    FROM TagSynonyms s
    JOIN Tags t ON s.TargetTagName = t.TagName
    WHERE t.TagName = 'jetpack-compose'
AllTags AS (
    -- Combine the main tag and its synonyms
    SELECT TagName AS Tag
    FROM TagInfo
    SELECT Synonym
    FROM Synonyms
-- Get the count of questions for the main tag and its synonyms
SELECT t.TagName, COUNT(*) AS QuestionCount
FROM Posts p
JOIN PostTags pt ON p.Id = pt.PostId
JOIN Tags t ON pt.TagId = t.Id
WHERE t.TagName IN (SELECT Tag FROM AllTags)
GROUP BY t.TagName
ORDER BY QuestionCount DESC;

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