select * from (SELECT as post_id, questions....


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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

select *
(SELECT as post_id, questions.title as post_title, questions.body as question_post, 
       questions.creationdate as question_data, questions.viewcount as number_view_post, 
       questions.answercount as answer_count, questions.commentcount as question_comment_count, 
       questions.favoritecount as favorite_question, questions.score as question_score,  
       answers.body as answers_post, answers.creationdate as answer_date, answers.score as answer_score, 
       answers.commentcount as answer_comment_count, answers.favoritecount as favorite_answer 
          FROM Posts answers, Posts questions  
              WHERE answers.parentid = ) info_qa,

(SELECT as q_id, ans_com.text as answer_comment, ans_com.score as answer_comment_score, ans_com.creationdate as answer_comment_date 
        FROM Posts answers, Posts questions  , comments ans_com 
        WHERE answers.parentid = and ans_com.postid = ) info_ac,

(SELECT as q_id, qns_com.text as question_comment, qns_com.score as question_comment_score, qns_com.creationdate as question_comment_date 
       FROM Posts questions, comments qns_com
       WHERE qns_com.postid = info_qc
where info_qa.post_id = info_ac.q_id and info_ac.q_id = info_qc.q_id and info_qa.post_id = '73'

--select t_q_a_id.q_id as q_id from

--(SELECT distinct(questions.Id) as q_id 
--FROM Posts answers, Posts questions
--WHERE answers.parentid = and ((answers.body like '% bug%' and answers.body like '%blame%') 
--                                      or (questions.body like '% bug%' and questions.body like '%blame%') 
  --                                    or (questions.title like '% bug%' and questions.title like '%blame%'))) t_q_a_id,

--(SELECT distinct( as q_id
--FROM Posts answers, Posts questions, comments ans_com, comments qns_com
--WHERE answers.parentid = and ans_com.postid = and qns_com.postid = and 
--                                            ((ans_com.text like '% bug%' and ans_com.text like '%blame%') 
--                                        or (qns_com.text like '% bug%' and qns_com.text like '%blame%'))) qc_ac_id
--where t_q_a_id.q_id = qc_ac_id.q_id

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